Limestone, granite and concrete

The memory of reading Werner Herzog’s autobiography will remain connected to the ground floor apartment I inhabited by myself for a couple weeks in late Summer, and the light that fell onto its wooden furniture between five and six in the evening. Herzog’s resilience is expressed with loving belligerence. It stems from a feeling of kinship with the elder world, its animals and phenomena and their direct relation to the world of thoughts and images. His perspective skips the tiresome social layer and directly connects the heart to the sun, to decaying stone, to the soft chirping of chicklets, the big river and my mind when it is free.


Apply less force to time.

March 21st, 2019

Ich kann mich an manche perfekte Tage erinnern, als vollkommene Rhythmen von Raum und Perspektive, Tage, deren Licht anhält. Der 21. März meines sechsunddreißigsten Jahres war ein solcher Tag.

electricgecko – Coat

Your weakness is your strength.

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