Psychological Bar Reviews (1)

Delicately swooping lines in framed portrait drawings (all of them signed with „J.A.“) are contrasted by floor tiles that have been jointed with maximum accuracy. While the latter make up a neat grid, the former are distributed across the two-storey space in erratic fashion.

Ivory white dominates. Floor, walls and the marble counter – all shine freshly scrubbed. The mezzanine floor is lined with cast iron railing, its walls sporting further efforts from the steady hands of „J.A.“. A faint smell of cardamom lingers. The place feels vaguely colonial.

Patrons line the bar, opposed by a team of bulky bartenders, going about their business in bustling fashion. No fewer than two red T-Shirts and the simply flavoured drinks somewhat betray the room’s visual quality. A young woman and her date are seated in plain sight. On her left shoulder, a greenish blob of a bear is chasing a red balloon into great unknown plains.

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