Psychological Bar Reviews (3)

Two young women share the communal bar along the renovated window front. They alternate between forking salmon omelettes and fiddling with their phones, plastic charms affixed with adhesive tape making faint tingling noises.

The mix and mingle of north american accents of diverse heritage creates a vague cantina vibe that is rarely experienced in this country. Adidas sneakers are de rigueur, as this venue is firmly in the hands of creative teams that spend their weekdays moving styluses over glass surfaces in the open-plan offices of Herzobase.

One wonders how this place avoids feeling like an enclave. It may be the diversity of transat lives, relationships at distance, torn and mended by frequent long-haul flights and haunted by memories of the nonplaces they play out in. Telling from conversations, most patrons seem to share the fragile and geographically distributed psychology of humans turned professional at a young age.

At a nearby table, three teenage boys from Gostenhof drink herbal tea and pre-roll cigarettes, their sneakers selected from the more democratic ranges Adidas offers to their high-street retailers.

One of the women seated along the window has finished her salmon. She gesticulates downwards, pointing out a current selection from her employer’s pricier offerings: This particular pair has been semi-winterized, purportedly. This seems to make them sufficiently fit to tread the wet, forlorn cobblestones of south german towns as well as the grey-carpeted corporate corridors they originated in.

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