Surfaces are ambiguous: the pattern in the underground trans in Berlin, for example, a so-called antigraffiti pattern (sic), could be a fashionable camouflage pattern but at the same time represents the suppression of youth culture. I am interested in this ambiguity of codes and surfaces, and the fact that they carry content. Since the early nineties, I have been working on an ongoing group of pictures called Faltenwurf, pictures of clothes as they hang to dry or lie abandoned. To me clothes have always been a significant part of the visual world. They are a major part of our surface, our membrane between the outside world and the body. They are a sensual surface as well as a sculptural surface, and they say a lot about the orginazation of human life in general.W.T., in einem der collagierten Fragmente im selbstreferentiellen Raum 12 der fantastischen Ausstellung Wolfgang Tillmans: 2017.

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