14 years after my first house, I keep drawing iterations of it, over and over, as an obsession. though they’re always different, they’re different so that they’re always the same (to resist being defined by their location). We always draw the same house, for the same person – under various pseudonyms – as if the idea were set in stone, like also Rossi says: without ever letting myself be distracted by useless people or things, in the belief that progress in art and science depends on such continuity and constancy, which are the only means of achieving renewal.

Eduardo Souto de Moura, Memories, Projects, Buildings, 2020.

In the face of increasing complexity, we are more than ever in need of a system of thought that that is capable of simplifying without mutilating. When reality resists simplification, we have to turn to complexity. Complexity is the eruption of the disorder of the random and of uncertainty in the reality […] We all know that the future is unpredictable today, given the perpetual intervention of the new and the unexpected. And it is for that very reason that extreme complexity has a tendency to resemble a permanent crisis.

Edgar Morin, On Complexity. Hampton Press, 2008.

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