Garment Perception

Clothes as metaphysical objects, examined from two distinct angles. Groundwork towards a theory of my lifelong fascination.


The aesthetic perspective is rooted in communication. Garments of considered proportions and construction promise desireable narratives, ressources for cognitive dissonance, encapsulated, architectural, modular mini-worlds to place inside your reality. While escapistic in some sense, the aesthetic angle faces outwards, reflecting the world.


The fetishistic perspective is an entirely pragmatic one. Its fascination lies in the item as artefact, the detailed aspects of its construction and finishing. It aims to study obsessively, to examine every aspect of the object at hand, the imagineable universe around its constructive qualities. The fetishistic angle faces inwards, it concentrates on the object and the lessons it teaches.

Aktuelle Texte Archiv (2012 – 2024)