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Rules for Packing
  1. Every place is warmer and less windy than Hamburg (except from San Francisco on summer evenings).
  2. You despise overpacked luggage more than you enjoy the greater flexibility of having more things with you.
  3. Everything needs to be in a compartment in your bag, a mesh compartment, army-rolled or velcro-strapped.
  4. If you have to bring a heavy item, it should be the center of your travel wardrobe. It should be wearable every day, especially when in transit.
  5. If there is an occasion that requires a specific outfit or equipment, the rest of your luggage should be organized around that occasion.
  6. Your luggage and all compartments have to be light. No leather, no canvas. Use Xpac, Dyneema and Cordura.
  7. On the move, you will want to wear functional garments (~ light, warm, many pockets) disproportionally. Pack those, pack less of everything else (the ACRONYM® rule).
  8. Heavy and/or chunky footwear is only acceptable when you never have to carry it in your luggage. It needs to be versatile enough to be worn every day.
  9. If, in a fit of radical decision-making, you travel with one pair of shoes only, they need to be perfect in fit and optics.
  10. If you are on the move for more than five consecutive days, bring an electric razor to shave your head.

To be extended.

The Year 2016
Composition 0
The way he has presently constructed it, his life is basically a scaffolding of steel will upholstered in sable fur […] both sober and decadent.

Ich bin ein ausgesprochen rationaler Mensch, aber ich habe viel übrig für interessante Arten von Wahnsinn. Was mir unterhaltsam erschien, habe ich mir angeeignet.


Kein Bestandteil sein

Will will will will kein Bestandteil sein
will will kein Bestandteil sein
kein Bestandteil sein

nicht von dem was war – es war nichts
nicht von dem was demnächst kommt
nicht von nichts davon, nicht von dem was ist
allemal nicht, nicht davon

will will will will will will will will will
will will will kein Bestandteil sein

kein Bestandteil sein
kein Partikel im Netz
kein Staub

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