Dust Gods

Journey Index (released today by Heathered Pearls) is completed by a rhythmic cicadae hum, a thousand voices unisono, filtered through flimsy noise cancelling algorithms rendered hapless by chitine percussion, at La Serre dei Giardini in Bologna. The track’s slow drone emulsifies with this summer day’s relentless heat, subduing this universe to a heavy slow motion crawl: All is bound and connected to its irresistible momentum. The sound design might lean towards Detroit, but this is a decidedly rural affair, under the sky and close to nature. Like Detroit once, it points to the future. A majestic, monastic desert planet idleness has befallen this place of advanced permaculture agritech, casting humanity as a mute witness, as silent dust ghosts, at the edge of an end and the beginning of another era. I can feel it, this soft track, this soft moment.

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