They say run to feel free, but more than freedom, running restores a sense of sharpness to the self. When absorbing physical strain, perception becomes direct and precise, removing the dust and sludge that is the ego-induced lack of cognitive presence. After running, when the world has returned, I immediately want to run again.

The body at the beach is a different one, it is salty and dry, like weathered atlantic rock in the sun. Constantly washed by the spray, and static. Like every particle of the system that forms the beach, its only relations are to the sun and the wind and the invisible stars. The body exists in stasis, it becomes part of the cosmic scale, its smallest component.

Für die Dauer des Laufes spielt nichts eine Rolle, nicht die Stadt, nicht das Wetter, nicht die anderen laufenden Menschen. Der Lauf ist equipmentlos und praktisch, er kann leicht überall und immer stattfinden – aber die Einfachheit des Laufes besteht darin, dass er die Welt für eine Weile durch einen simplen, konkreten, verstehbaren Prozess ersetzt. Der Lauf ist die Welt und die Welt ist der Lauf.

I have been discovering running as something that can belong to my self, my inner self, not my context-aware, pattern-reading intellectual self. Part of it is leaving the mental and physical state and place, by getting up and by fleeing it. An other part is facing the world directly – it’s the planet and me, entering into a brief, unmediated relation. I see the parallax of its landscapes change as they pass me. It sees me making progress like a slow cloud, incapable but determined. Running occurs in a time outside of time, in brief spurts, and it concerns the body over the mind, cognition over recognition. Running is universal, eternal, normal as dirt and precious and free of shape and boundary, like water.

I went for a run today, in a straight line from the column at Casa da Música to the atlantic shore, where I sat down for a while.

Zu Laufen bedeutet einen Ort in Besitz zu nehmen, eine Stadt oder ein Viertel psychologisch abzuschreiten, sie nach deinen Regeln zu durchteilen. Die Geometrie deines Laufes ist dein Zuschnitt der Welt.

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