Vibe (with sth.)

Interestingly, the contemporary focus on mood and vibe implies a certain speechlessness, or lack of articulation. The refusal of putting a context, a thing into words is the refusal to dissect it, which is the refusal to thoroughly understand it. Accepting a mood in this way (that is, to vibe with it) reflects the desire to interact with its context without letting it permeate one’s perceptive being. Vibing with (instead of understanding) situations is easier and requires less cognitive ressources – perception is delegated to layers closer to the biological firmware. Despite its emotional entanglement, it seems to allow more wide-ranging acceptance of varying contexts and – presumeably – easier engaging and diengaging with both aesthetic and social situations. It is, probably, adequate adaptive cognitive behaviour.

Differenz, Einheit

Die undifferenzierte/nicht-dychotome, unabschabschaltbare Arbeitsfähigkeit (und ihr endlose Arbeitswille) der Algorithmen reflektiert die entscheidende Eigenschaft des Kapitalismus, die ihn über alternative Organisationsformen hat triumphieren lassen: Der Einschluss der Verneinung. Wenn es nicht um eine Leitdifferenz geht/wenn es nicht um Inhalte geht, sondern um Effizienz, ist auch Kritik in erster Linie eine Ressource für wirtschaftlichen Erfolg. Die Ablehnung des Kapitalismus zu einem vermarktbaren Produkt zu machen ist die rekursive Auflösung jeden Widerspruchs durch Einschluss in die Effektivitätslogik. Dass der Kapitalismus, und in seiner Folge der Algorithmus, seine eigene Verneinung einschließt (Abstand nehmen vom Algorithmus heißt, ihm rückschlussfähige Daten zur Verfügung stellen, man kann nicht nicht kommunizieren, man kann nicht nicht gelesen werden), ist der Grund für das Ende der Geschichten und Diskurse, und, in mittelbarer Folge, dem Rückzug ins Immaterielle und dem Beginn des Raubbaus an der letzten existierenden Ressource: Bedeutung.

Imaginary Joy Division, barely audible in the background of Pro Quadratmeter, now in Almstadtstraße1, as the empty streets of this particular, unglamourous apocalypse remain wind-swept and rainy. Jackpot. Ich kaufe Miamification von Avanessian, so ein Stream-of-Consciousness-Ding bei Merve. Das scheint mir die einzig mögliche Handlung. (13. März)

  1. Seen from my inner 2005. ↩︎
Rick Owens FW20 Performa, Womens

Architectural Travel Notes, Morocco

Wind over water at the unornamented mirror lake of Menara Gardens. Built afar, adjacent the olive grove, by an imagined beduin cult of brutalist worshippers.

There is no photographic image, no advertisement, no glowing condensed corporate typography. Buildings seem to emerge directly from the reddish-brown ground, molding into soft cubes and boxes. The cityscape does not pry for attention, its decidedly nonmodern psychogeography seamlessly merges into a pastoral sprawl inflated to vast dimension and density.

I have a great affection for cats, as all tasteful and self-respecting humans do. Particularly, I cherish their arcane capability to offer a particular kind of intense, but silent companionship. Observing a city beneath a full moon, low and heavy, in quiet unison with a cat is a privilege quite uncomparable to anything else.

Palais el Badi: Afroeuropean Mythologies

A gleaming S-Class in black and chrome is parked next to a reddish clay wall, passed by a kid on a creaking bicycle and a handsome old man in a grey kaftan (I take special note of his accurately groomed, short grey beard). The limousine’s presence marks the place as psychogeographic science fiction. It is an intruder, an object from another time and universe, one I seem to be strangely familiar with: NFC readers, softly organic trainers, caftans, dust, cooked wool, satellite dishes, Buckydomes, walled gardens, fliphones, iPhones, hairstyles, all somehow materializing in an unexpected kind of 2020.

Urban Moroccan housing defaults to a subtle ledge starting on the first floor. It offers shade to the life in the street, increases the size of the living quarters (ground floors are mostly used for storage or workshops) and lends an element of decided, simple ornamentation to the otherwise plain cube. This is usually mirrored by the roof construction: the top floor is reduced to about a third of the ground floor area, creating a large terrace. From this, the shape of the residential unit emerges: a soft-edged rectangular box, defined by two interrelating incisions.

A bed in the desert, nature in perfect silence. There is the soft sound of flocks of small puffy birds passing overhead, and a warm breeze. Sun sets over the ranges, the desaturated Atlas mountains loom in the background. Life is forced into equilibrium. Many ways to go from here. (02/10/20)

In Casablanca, architecture appears to be more substance than artefact. It seems to bee perpetually melting, flaking, merging with nature and civilisation. Many buildings echo a faint Art Deco heritage, misunderstood even by the foreigners that brought it to these parts. Since, the idea of the graceful line seems to have evolved into something more organic, matching northern African sensibilities and energies. Here, the new and modern appears as just another iteration, reintegrated into the profoundly social mechanics of the medinas and markets, all refinement reserved for two-storey courtyards, areas of consultation and quietness.

What would you go to Casablanca for? For two days? — Ingrid

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